Welcome to Frosty’s Xbox Controllers

I am a keen Xbox enthusiast and have been customizing and rebuilding Xbox 360 controllers for the last 3 years.

Now that technology has moved on I have been customizing Xbox one controllers and moving forward with new designs and ideas.

All controllers are official Microsoft products and purchased brand new from my supplier which will be packaged in their original box for shipping.

As I customise different to others I always use brand new parts and all my controllers will be packaged in the original box as you would expect when purchasing from a shop.

This is also a good way to surprise someone as the original box shows the standard controller.

This enables better choice for you to either gift wrap for someone as a gift for Xmas or birthday,or maybe to keep your controller safe in packaging as a collector.

The choice is yours!

You then have the choice to modify your controller from the selection of options available on the website in the following ways:

  • Choice of shell in various colours and patterns.
  • Choice of colours of analogue sticks.
  • All of my controllers for Xbox One & Xbox 360 will remain with the official buttons as these are far more better looking than the after market buttons unless otherwise stated.
  • All controllers are wireless and come with the standard battery cover.
  • Want to upgrade? You can pick the controller from the standard battery for an official rechargable battery.
  • Also on my website please see the extras section to build your own controller for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Once your controller has been rebuilt to your selection, I will package this up in the original Microsoft packaging and ship it out to you according to my lead times and delivery charges (please see website for details).

I am always updating my website with new designs and if there is any specific request please feel free to contact me via the website.

Please see some of the images below

Some of the custom built controllers that customers have requested for us to build in the past!